Sunday, November 27, 2011


Coat: Billabong, Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Bag: Cromia leather bag

No snow so far but days are getting to be really cold.It gets dark around 6 pm which often makes me really tired in the evenings.Last Tuesday I fell asleep at 8.30pm...
Workdays have been boring lately and I'm missing some real excitement.I really hope the holidays will bring more cheerful days as I've been really down.Christmas preparations have started almost everywhere!We had to decorate a tree at work two weeks ago....and I chose to decorate it in white and silver colors only.It doesn't look too bad but it's a fake one and I'm really missing the real Christmas trees and the pine aroma in the air.
Last Thursday we had a movie night out with the girls.It was fun :) We got out of the cinema at 11.30pm and on the way out we saw some people working on a Christmas tree in the mall.We didn't get to see it all done though.
I have been really into red (holiday) shades of nail polish but don't have any pictures taken.

Loving right now:
Elle by YSL (has got to be one of my favorites this year)
Hot cappuccino
Chocolate Berry Cakes
Glitter nail polish + any reds :)
Any holiday recipes for home cooked meals which include pumpkin,nuts,cinnamon,berries etc.
The taste of black bergamot tea with milk and sugar



Saturday, November 19, 2011


I always find the color of pomegranate pretty amazing-like something I'd like to have as my nail color LOL.Eating pomegranate is real fun too,plus it's really good for you :) Maybe this is why I snapped a picture of it.....
And here are a few favorite make up items for this cold cold month of November :)
I just got my first Inglot eye-shadow ever.Sadly,the colors don't have names like Mac's for example but the one I chose is a plain pinkish nude with a satin finish.This color is to replace my much loved Micabella mineral shadow in Randevouz which I ran out of and can't find anywhere :(
Another new brand that was introduced to me this month is URIAGE.It's November, it's getting really cold and my skin is getting to be really dry and dehydrated.I was so happy with the way my face looked this summer, I couldn't believe I needed no make-up......but Ovtober came and ruined the fun!!! So I was in the pharmacy looking for some sort of a thicker face cream to protect my skin from the cold and I was offred and showed this brand I've been hearing and seeing forever but never dared to actually try.I'm really picky when it comes to skin care as I had to deal with problem skin for 2 years and it was a nightmare.
Anyways!My new wintery face cream is AquaPrecis Baume by URIAGE and I have to say it's doing a pretty good job.It's called a baume which probably means just cream- but the kind of nice white this cream which doesn't run and looks solid.At first I was a little alarmed when I saw it as I thought that no make-up will actually stay on over this thick cream.But the rep assured me it was OK and yes, the cream was so quickly absorbed by my skin,it just sank in.And of course should we state the other benefits of it- it contains thermal water which calms the skin and any irritation,it builds a protective film over the skin so pores don't get dirty and clogged, it hydrates like nothing else and so on.I like it!....I also got samles of the hydrating eye gel of the same line and this one I also like quite a lot.I was also explained that this brand offers refills, so you don't pay for the container every time- you just get a plastic thing you stick in the pot you already have.Not a bad idea!
This other container in the picture is my foundation which I've been using for 2 years now and got it again along with my new face cream.

A nude OPI shade I found by accident-'I love Yokohama'.It works really well for a nude and stays on for a few days....It's a keeper!

And finally,I have some new,nice-smelling and relaxing body washes by Borjois.The one in the brown bottle smells like honey and is amazing :)