Sunday, September 08, 2013

Last Finds.

So...these are my last shopping finds.A couple of weeks ago I went to check out the last summer sales.I wasn't really looking for anything specific and didn't expect to buy anything.The only thing I had on my list was a face product and I had in mind exactly which one I was looking for.
Anyways,anyhow....what does a girl do when she sees a beautiful red sign screaming 70%OFF at her???Well....she dives right in!
The better part of all the junk I got came from this italian brand called Oviesse.I've never taken the time to look through their stuff but this time I hit jackpot.Everything I  got was seriously reduced and the prices were irresistable...First thing that I spotted was this light greenish swim suit and I had to have it!It's only the fourth new swim suit I got this summer but what would you do.....And,and it came (or I made it come) with an adorable beach dress in the same colors ;)

I also got a couple of basic shirts in Terranova and two plain cotton tube skirts which I think look amazing on- I got a nice grey color and this crazy green one which is also a smaller size and fits me perfectly!Can't wait to wear it before it gets too cold!
Also on Oviesse I found the softest cotton shirts-total of three for the price of maybe not even one!And some amazing pants that everyone already made comments about...

this little duo is just too cute.....
Oh,and finally what I was out for...This is the Nuxe face serum I've been meaning to try.All of my Nuxe products have been pretty nice to my face but this one is something that I can see myself using for a long time.I've been using it for the past week and I love the texture and the luxurious feel of it.

And...this was it!

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Today is daddy's birthday!He's turning 65!!!We had a big lunch for him today and celebrated together with the family and some of his best friends.
When the cake came out the candles were put in to read 56 and the staff at the restaurant were surprised to hear they were supposed to put them the other way around...
Happy birthday,daddy!And many more to come!!!I love you!

Sunday, August 25, 2013


It's been a very hot weekend again.For the past month the temperatures outside haven't been much lower than 33 C and going anywhere during the day has been a real challenge.
This weekend my parents and I drove to visit my brother who lives a couple of hours away and we stayed with him for the weekend.
The first pictures here are of a newly discovered amphitheatre in Plovdiv which is supposed to be more of a stadium.I saw it for the first time and it's quite amazing given the fact it is as old as the ancient Greek civilization.And to make things more interesting this newly found stadium is situated right under the main market street.Of course the city has been able to restore just a small part of it as the rest is under the ground and it's gonna be quite a task uncovering it all,I'm guessing there will be a lot of planning and expensive equipment involved too.

this is a model of the whole looks huge!
Yesterday I also had a chance to hit the last summer sales and did quite good.I needed to spend some money so badly and actually was able to find some really good deals!

These jean pants are one of my favorite finds.I ended up buying everything I took to the fitting room with me ,including yet another swim suit.I guess I am seriously preparing myself for a september beach getaway!!! I hope it's really happening...

This is my latest read.I wanted to read the book before seeing the movie...

Oh,so yummy breakfast...

coffee ;)

in the car...

It was a nice and hot weekend but it's over and I'm already in bed. MAMA MIA is on.I love this movie!...Good night!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

LiFE Lately

Holiday memories.And ..... how I really need another vacation asap!

Starting your day with this just makes life look better...

I ordered this guy online and i love him

Yet another swim suit! I hope it means I'm going somewhere...

A car full of girlfriends :)

My lovely boyfriend found these guys!how cute are they!

Peaches+raspberries are my favorite and I just can't get enough!

Love for my love bracelet

More raspberries

On the way.....


Very own produce and the taste is great!

I made this for breakfast today and it was gone in 3 minutes (insert horrified face here)!

I love my iphone camera!

Todays blurry outfit :(