Sunday, December 11, 2011


Happy Sunday!
Here I am sipping coffee by my Christmas tree.I know that last Sunday I mentioned my tree won't be ready before the 10th or even 15th....but I actually had it all ready on Monday evening,right before I packed for my work trip.I also got a cute silver wire rain-deer which I'll snap a picture of later.
This is my tiny tree decorated in pink.Actually I got this one to put in my bedroom and I really want to get a real tree and decorate it.I haven't had a real pine tree for years!

So I was away all week and couldn't post although I had plenty of time as my schedule kept me occupied from 9 am to 3 pm .I didn't have a computer with me and actually figured out I can post on my ipad but having no pictures uploaded on it didn't help much.
I had a really hectic day on Tuesday but I got everything done by 3pm, checked into a hotel and went out shopping.The next few days went by so quickly,I met one of my friends for drinks,on Thursday we saw a nice movie- In Time with Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried.I so loved her performance and her red short hair looked amazing!
On Thursday I saw the first snow this season!It was nice but didn't last for too long....While at work I got a text from a friend saying we're gonna make a snowman after work and when we all got up to the top floor for a coffee break there it was-lots of white snow falling down :)

Here's a humongous tree and some six rain-deers running over my head :)
and this is what I found on my hotel door one morning.I've never had my hotel door decorated before,this one was a surprise!

On Friday night the Christmas lights in my home town were lit and this is how it all looks now

Happy Holidays!


  1. Great holiday pictures!! I also loved Amanda in In Time :)

  2. i also LOVE Amanda's red hair in the film! I actually prefer this colour & haircut to her blonde :) what about you?

  3. yes! so much better than her blond boring do.She looks so sexy in this movie I almost thought i'm into girls now....