Sunday, January 08, 2012


Happy New Year!

So the first week of 2012 went by so fast that it feels like I slept through it....
My holidays were good although I didn't do anything special or much interesting for Christmas and New Year's Eve....Actually I didn't have much time off from work this season as I used mine during the summer :)
Well, looking back now I can say that December was a good month for me - I had to take a work trip and had the chance to see and catch up with an old friend, then came the Christmas parties which were wild and really fun ( a hard week at work where everyone was tired from the late nights out ), and then came Christmas and a couple of days off around New Year's!
I got a few nice presents too!....
Now reality kicks in....the holidays are over and everything goes on just the way it did before :) Maybe it's a good thing too, but why is everyone feeling a bit blue, including myself of course?!

Wishing everyone a snowy week :)

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