Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I can't believe it's December!Already!And it's almost Christmas.....This whole year has flown by so quickly, it's really hard to believe it's actually over.But it's been a great one!
Anyways......just in the great spirit of Christmas I've been doing some shopping-for myself!I've been browsing through a few websites, one of which is this store for organic products and foods ZOYA .And it's been an interesting learning experience reading about the 'super foods' and all the natural cosmetics and make-up.There were a few brands which I already know about and have tried too :)
I ended up getting me an all natural face cream as the winter weather has been treating me badly and my skin is dry with the occasional spot or redness.It says: Ballancing Face Cream - balancing facial moisturiser made from Organic Chamomile, Golden Jojoba, Rosehip seed, Peach kernel, Virgin Organic Shea butter, Rose Geranium & Red Mandarin to make outbreaks a thing of the past and your skin velvety soft, naturally!...Sounds good and maybe I should try the eye cream too....
My early gift arrived today and I hurried to wash my face and smack the all natural concoction on. It smells like herbs,looks good (like a normal white face cream) and is quickly absorbed.I hope it will work ok with my skin.
The other product I've been meaning to try is the natural salt deodorant that everyone raves about right now.It is said to be the healthier alternative to all deo sprays and roll-on deodorants which usually contain aluminum chlorohydrate among lots of other chemicals that block the natural functions of the skin itself.The salt deodorant is 100% potassium alum(a natural mineral salt) and is supposed to fight the bacteria that causes bad smell while letting the skin perspire.I guess it is worth trying!

I can't wait to get all of my other Christmas presents.And while waiting I'll be enjoying the snowy view outside....

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