Sunday, September 08, 2013

Last Finds.

So...these are my last shopping finds.A couple of weeks ago I went to check out the last summer sales.I wasn't really looking for anything specific and didn't expect to buy anything.The only thing I had on my list was a face product and I had in mind exactly which one I was looking for.
Anyways,anyhow....what does a girl do when she sees a beautiful red sign screaming 70%OFF at her???Well....she dives right in!
The better part of all the junk I got came from this italian brand called Oviesse.I've never taken the time to look through their stuff but this time I hit jackpot.Everything I  got was seriously reduced and the prices were irresistable...First thing that I spotted was this light greenish swim suit and I had to have it!It's only the fourth new swim suit I got this summer but what would you do.....And,and it came (or I made it come) with an adorable beach dress in the same colors ;)

I also got a couple of basic shirts in Terranova and two plain cotton tube skirts which I think look amazing on- I got a nice grey color and this crazy green one which is also a smaller size and fits me perfectly!Can't wait to wear it before it gets too cold!
Also on Oviesse I found the softest cotton shirts-total of three for the price of maybe not even one!And some amazing pants that everyone already made comments about...

this little duo is just too cute.....
Oh,and finally what I was out for...This is the Nuxe face serum I've been meaning to try.All of my Nuxe products have been pretty nice to my face but this one is something that I can see myself using for a long time.I've been using it for the past week and I love the texture and the luxurious feel of it.

And...this was it!

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