Saturday, April 14, 2012


Our Easter is tomorrow and I'm waiting for the bunny to come visit....
I'll probably get nothing but that's another story :)

So after I stole,well.....borrowed this cute idea from Sugar For My Honey , I came up with this:

This is my version of the easter bunny nails and I only managed to get three of these done.They are all on my left hand......
I don't do nail art very often, I've had a few tries before but I usually leave this kind of fun to my nail-tec...Anyway, I really liked this idea so I had to have at least one bunny done and I'm pretty pleased with the job I've done :)

In other news, I introduced pink lipstick to my lips and they are liking it so far....The thing is my lips are naturally colored and when I put a nude or a light pink shade on it all starts to look very weird as my natural color is brighter than the lipstick.
This time I decided to try something new for this beautiful spring season and the new Loreal formula looked good.I like it....It's more of a lip butter than a real lipstick, it's very creamy so it doesn't dry out on my lips too fast which is always my issue with lipsticks!....It doesn't stay on for too long but it's fine cause nothing stays on my lips anyways.Honestly it's more like a tinted chapstick and btw there were a lot of other shades that I actually liked and would try ,including a really nice red which I usually shy away from.


  1. amazing nails and your lips are stunning!

  2. Your nails turned out lovely!! :)
    x x x