Wednesday, May 02, 2012


This past Sunday I stumbled across a really cool lip product and i had to have it. I'm not sure how long it's been out for but it's the first time I see a see-thru neon lipstick that smells and looks like candy (imagine the look on my face...)!This stuff is so bright and pink and cheerful it puts me in the greatest summer mood :) So if anyone needs a quick lip or mood boost, I do recommend!

 The popstick is more like a lip balm- it does moisturize the lips quite nicely and also gives a really smooth finish that's not glossy or shiny but SOFT.Feels good too, and not sticky!
Warning!It doesn't say anywhere but I call it neon for a reason-it does look crazy under black light (I checked it at work under one of my lights).I swatched it on my hand but i'm sure it will look the same on my lips,so may be not something you wear in a club ..... or I don't know,I should try it!

 I love the color I chose and the fact it leaves a natural finish.And after the shine wears off it still leaves a stain on the lips making them look naturally colored like you wear nothing but your lips are bright and colorful - it's a look I really like but actually missed to photograph...Anyways, a lip product that wears off is a good thing now :)

Now pucker up!


  1. I thought it will be very bright colour on the lips, but I see it's not so pigmented, the shade is light and natural:)

  2. We love the tropical pink lipstick! It's fabulous!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!