Sunday, May 12, 2013


 Yes,it's true!
So many things have happened in the past two weeks that I don't know where to start and which post to write first....Yet I wanna include it all here on my blogspot, so that I can have my moments saved.
In the past couple of weeks I managed to turn 30 years of age,to take a vacation trip to the UK and while there I also got engaged!!!Who would have thought.....
We got engaged on the beach in Gorleston-on-Sea,Norfolk which is near Great Yarmouth.It was a regular day (May 2nd) and I was actually leaving in a couple of days.My boyfriend was off work to spend the day with me and it was pretty much our last day to be together before I left.I asked to see the ocean so he took me to the beach.It wasn't a long car ride and the day was beautiful and sunny :) We took our time, stopped for breakfast,then went to the beach.It was really sunny and nice but there was this cold wind right there on the beach and I couldn't walk along for too long as I was getting cold.So I snapped a few photos of us and decided I had enough of it and asked to go back and just sit down for a cup of hot coffee.But then Z stopped me and asked me to stay a bit longer,then dropped on his knees, handed me a sea shell and said he loved me and wanted to marry me!!!Wow,he really got me....I did not expect that at all!I opened the clam shell and saw a beautiful ring :) I said YES!
We made a few phone calls to spread the news, then sat down for coffee.On the way back we stopped in Norwich for some shopping.Z was so happy with life that day, he got himself an iphone 5!....A ring for me,a new phone for him!Well done Mr!
In the evening we had a champagne toast with Z's boss who invited us for a quick drink.And we also had a small party with friends.

Later I wrote about it on my facebook page saying: 'He dropped on his knees while walking on the beach....Snatched that ring while freezing my brains!YESSS Yes Yesssss !!!!!' and my facebook exploaded with comments from friends and family.

The two of us share quite a love story-very romantic and quite amazing.It still has me confused at times and I often ask myself if all this is real.The truth is we've known each other only for a year but I really feel like I've known him forever.But he never fails to amaze me and makes me happy just by smiling at me.I don't know if I deserve him but I surely hope I'll be the one to give him happiness in this life of ours...
 Surprised and very happy!
My romantic man

 Showing off

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