Friday, May 24, 2013


 Here's a small post on some of the stuff I brought home from the UK...

Rimmel lasting finish foundation in 103 True Ivory
Revlon Colorstay foundation in  150 Buff
Rimmel Scandaleyes mascara
Rimmel wake me up concealer
Rimmel Apocalips in apocaliptic
Revlon Colorburst lip gloss in Sizzle Canicule
MUA eyeshadow nude palette
Sleek face contour kit in light
Barry M nail polishes in Peach Melba and Lychee
Tommy Girl cologne
Ciate nail polish came with the May issue of Marie Claire and this gold color is amazing!
 And just a few hair and body products all of which I can't find at home so I had to carry them over here.The Soap&Glory ones are so big and weigh 400g each...On my list of musthaves were:

Lush Big Shampoo - LOVE IT!
Lush Mask of Magnaminty
Soap&Glory Rightious body butter (I'm addicted and happily reunited)
Soap&Glory Sugar Rush body butter (I sewar I'm gonna eat this stuff some day)
Soap&Glory Breakfast Scrub (smells like maple syrup and oatmeal..mmmm)
John Frieda purple shampoo-not big deal....
Batiste Dry shampoo- I like a lot
St Ives apricot scrub- just an alltime favorite
Sanex deodorant- I love all Sanex products but I only got one.Works wonders!
Aussie 3 minute miracle masks- I love love love
and Aussie little shampoo and mask to bring with me on holiday next month.

 So this is about all the beauty related things I got in the UK while the rest was some clothes and shoes.But let me first complain about the big mistake I made going out equipped with a suitcase full of clothes and shoes I didn't even wear!Ahhhh....well,it was my first time there and the season was weird-in April you can't really tell if it's spring or winter,while it could also turn to be summer outside...So I didn't know what to bring!!!
And I knew I was buying a few face and body products ,some of which quite heavy like the Soap&Glory ones but I also thought to myself I was not buying more clothes as I already have too much stuff I don't even get to wear- which made me think I'm not coming back with too much stuff and I don't have to worry about my suitcase being overweight.Well,guess what?!Turns out I suddenly NEEDED to have all these clothes and shoes in my life and it was mainly because I went to Primark for the first time and everything was so cheap that I could not resist.What can I say - I can't help myself and if it wasn't for the luggage limitations I would've gone way overboard.
This being said I am still happy to report that I got almost everything I wanted from Boots and Superdrug and some other stores here and there and that I'm mostly happy with the products I bought.I don't wear much make-up on a regular day so I don't need all that much.Most of the things I buy I hardly use,so I really try to buy less.I don't like accumulating unused stuff,at the same time I often don't wanna put something that's almost new in the trash.
The only stuff I couldn't find was a Collection concealer in Light and the Sleek blush I wanted.These two I'm ordering online!
And the products I regret buying are most of the Rimmel products....The Lasting Finish foundation is horrible.I'm so dumb for buying it cause I was going for the Wake me up foundation and I KNOW I would have loved it!I just had hard time choosing my shade and then I don't know what came over me but I just decided to get this one in the picture.....Hm,I guess I was tired and not in the right mind.The Rimmel mascara came free with one of the deals they had in Boots so I had to have it.It's absolutely useless and I don't like using it.But then the Apocalips lip laquer is absolutely great and worth the hype!Mine is in the color apocaliptic and I'm not sure if the color looks good on me but I manage to tone it down.I think it would look much better on smaller lips.
Anyway, I can say I'm quite happy with my little UK haul as I really thought hard on what to buy and what not, so most of the things I got I really wanted and actually have tried before.It's great when you have the time to think and choose wisely and you end up loving everything.Like I said earlier I could take on the plane only this much and the products that made the cut I really love(except for the 2 Rimmel ones,and well was free!)

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