Friday, August 12, 2011


My beach vacation in June was a total disaster....The weather wasn't cold but it just didn't stop raining for days- I could manage to go to the beach for an hour or two and that was it!We had to go back home earlier....
So towards the end of July I got my second chance to get at least a little sun-tanned....And this time we did good!...We (boyfriend and I) stayed for a whole week and enjoyed every bit of it!

Our destination:

a nice little town on the Bulgarian sea shore ( primorsko)


Our daily routine consisted of sleeping; sun-tanning; eating lots of good salads (mainly the traditional tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers, feta cheese and dressing), fish  and lots of watermelon; taking short trips to the vacation villages nearby and of course shopping in the local malls.
Somewhere in between it all we managed to go to a night club ONCE!......Well, it was OK - I didn't miss the night scene at all.I guess my idea for vacation this time was total relaxation, a healthy diet, outfits that consist of flip-flops, plain shorts, bikinis and maybe a tank top.....It gets like this when you get older :)
Oh, we also saw a movie in a little summer theatre - I did enjoy that!

I didn't take too many photos either - I was lazy.....

yay for happy yellow toe nails!

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