Tuesday, August 16, 2011

TO........WORK !

What I wore today ( to work ) looks like something you'd wear to the beach....Apparently I didn't think so this morning while struggling to put some sort of an outfit together.And while still half asleep, all I knew was I didn't want to wear a skirt! So this is what I came up with: striped Guess shorts, a pink shirt by Pull&Bear which I recently bought and have been loving and of course wearing a lot, and my favorite silky flats.

Key word for today's work dresscode: LAZINESS!

Amisu shoeees from NEW YORKER - the peachy pink(in this mix of colors) that's
 not really showing in the photo is matching my shirt :) Look mom, I'm matchy-matchy!

I should stop here....now!


  1. Came across your blog via a comment you left elsewhere. I love the casual look of the blouse and Bermuda shorts, and the shoes are great!

  2. I love your flats!! So pretty colour!! :)

    P.s. U can check out my fashion blog, if u want!

  3. Thank you ;) Now I regret I didn't get these flats in the other color too- yellow,white and grey,quite nice combination