Thursday, August 18, 2011


I'm looking at my calendar and I keep telling myself that summer is not over yet...Summer is NOT over!First, because I still have two more weeks of vacation time ahead of me and I need them to be sunny and nice so I could go see the beach again.Second-I still have a few summer outfits I haven't worn yet...
But honestly, looking at the only one week that's left under the name of just makes me sad!

Well, I will have to deal with these feelings later!Because today's post is about loving the sun and protecting myself from it all at the same time :) which basically means one thing - using a lot of sunscreen.
Bellow are the sun care products I'm using this season.


Eucerin sun face cream is what I've been using all spring and summer (in SPF 50 and then SPF 30).I can gladly report that I've been loving it from the first day I applied it.I'm using it every morning under my make-up, the formula is perfect for me as it softens my skin, hydrates, doesn't leave any funny residue and is not greasy or sticky, so it's a good base for foundation, it also makes a great tinted moisturizer when mixed with foundation.My liquid foundation does stay on my face from 8am to 5pm even when it's really hot outside :)
So this cream's been a total hit and I think it would work for almost everyone as it is available in a lotion and also in a matte effect version.A very important thing I forgot to mention is that it's never caused me any break out or skin problems and I actually think it has improved my skin tone and texture a lot (I remember I read on the box that it has anti-aging properties, improves skin etc - so it must be true).And talking about READING, here's one thing I don't like about Eucerin products - the writing on the packaging is all in German!I have such a hard time figuring out what's what......usually I don't even know if I'm looking at a lotion or cleanser or is it for my face or for my feet.I have to turn the box and look for translation and it does take time!

OK, moving to VICHY face and body lotion for kids SPF 50.This one I happened to find last summer.I got some samples of it and tried it first on my body and then on my face and I quite liked it so I bought a tube of it which was a good size, too!Then, during past winter I had really hard time dealing with the dry skin on my face and after trying and failing with a few products , one morning I turned to this kid's sunscreen!Clearly this was an act of desperation but I'm glad I tried because this is what I kept on using through all the months until April-May....and repurchased the tube.The thing is that this lotion is a bit greasy and GREASY is what my skin needed then and of course I liked the added benefit of sun-blocking because we all know that even during the winter the sun rays still make their way through the clouds......Anyways, I used whatever was left of my second tube during my beach vacation!

And finally, my body sun care was left to Garnier Ambre Solaire.I saw this collection being sold 2 for 1 in June and thought it was a great deal!And it was-as I knew I had to provide sun care for two bodies (the second being double the size of mine.....) I got a creamy lotion in SPF 50 for me and a spray SPF 30 for boyfriend.These provide good protection, I didn't get sun-burnt, not even once!And eventhough I used SPF 50, I still got sun-tanned :) I do have to say though, that the spray bottle is better just because it's lighter.
And the last one is the protective oil that's supposed to help you tan's OK, it has a very nice smell and soft formula that glides so nicely on the skin but it does contain some sort of self-tanner cause it left a few orangy spots here and there which is not the look I'm after :)

I guess this makes 4 great hits and just 1 big OK - not too bad, right?!

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