Saturday, April 06, 2013


I am happy to announce that spring is here.Finally!...Yes,I can tell by the songs of the birds outside and the green grass I see through my windows :) Lovely!And today was a nice sunny and warm day :)
This season means to me new brighter colors, flowers, fresh scents, colorful outfits, more good food to thrive on, new fresher make up and skin care!Yay,I'm excited!

 yummy salad!this was sooo tasty
 out with the girls
 I did this myself.Really liking the zebra detail these days
 look at these studded shoes!I totally adore them :)
 Misa base and top coat that I've been using for the past one year-really happy with the results!
 yellow roses make me happy
 this little guy is so cute and has my name on's a key chain and is a present from the UK :)
 bright, almost neon denim is a perfect accent to boring work atire

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