Friday, September 09, 2011


My vacation ended this week....In fact I worked Wednesday, Thursday and Friday……and today was a really hard day! But it was so good having a three-day work week – I think we should always have four-day weekends.

What I did during my vacation?
• I had a mini trip to the beach, spent 4 days there (sleeping till noon and sun tanning till evening).Also managed to sunburn my nose – it’s peeled twice since then!
• I saw a few friends and partied for two nights in a row….something I haven’t done in ages.
• I started reading a new book
• Saw Bridesmaids – this movie is hilarious and I really enjoyed it! Everyone should watch it!
• Saw the last episode of Pretty Little Liars and now waiting for the new season to start. I’m also awaiting the new episodes of Dexter.
• I cooked twice……made blueberry muffins and lasagna. I’m such a good cook!
• Bought a few beauty magazines – so I can lower my self-confidence and realize “you can’t afford half the sh*t they advertise”…..
• Went to the mall, spent some money on skin care products.
• Bleached the ends of my hair so they don’t look so dark and black and flat. I still have half of the lightener left so I might as well do it again cause I have an appointment to cut my hair on Monday anyways…..

Unfortunately the long days spent on the beach are over and I have to switch back to my work mode. This won’t last long J I’m off on Sept 22 for another 11 days of freedom and happiness!

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