Wednesday, September 14, 2011


This is another outfit of the day post and I'm wearing another pair of those comfy Amisu shorts - this time in white. They are slightly different than my black ones, have back pockets and came with a scarf around the belt but I didn’t use it. Anyways, the idea is the same and both pairs are made of this light fabric mix that falls and moves around the legs really nicely.

I also wanna say I’m very glad and extremely happy that September still allows me to wear my shorts and dresses and tank tops :) …… I am so not looking forward to wearing winter coats and scarves!

Amisu shorts
Pimkie blouse
Favorite leaf earrings
Glasses are by Prada

wearing my favorite nail polish (Essence- You belong to me)


  1. Nice outfit!

  2. You are so pretty! And I love this outfit.