Saturday, September 03, 2011


Following the youtube and blogger craze for mint green and ‘Tiffany’ blue nail polish I can finally say I found my favorite! The perfect Tiffany blue polish is called “You Belong to Me” by Essence. The brand is really affordable and I mean $1-2 for nail polish which is beyond great , considering the quality and the staying power. I had absolutely no problem applying it, this particular color dries to a really nice finish and lasts a good few days. I even skipped top coat!

Now, while searching for “the perfect one” (and finding “You Belong to Me” was a mere accident) I did buy a couple of other greenish colors and I just HAVE to say it : Minted by REVLON is a total regret and the money I spent on it was well lost! It was a pain to apply it and even though I put so much effort into it, it still looked funny and dried to this weird , not so glossy but really dull finish. I do like the color itself , it’s just a bad product.
And another shade of green I got from my favorite Flormar range. It’s really , really good , just more on the bold side but it’s OK cause the same day I got this nail polish, I also happened to buy a tank top which is the exact same color ( I think it’s shown in a picture of a previous post I made ).

Happy Saturday!

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